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    Summary: Create a variable to allow users to default to which Insert Dialog box they prefer

    Description: Autodesk got the "bright idea" after 30+ years to change the INSERT Command to add a very poorly designed new version of itself with a palette style interface. This forces the user to either use the CLASSICINSERT command (a lot to type) to work or play around with custom aliases. Autodesk should have simply made the new "insert" a different default command and left the original alone. Since it did not, I recommend the following:
    Just like you can use "LAYERDLGMODE" to change how the Layer dialog boxes work, you now need an "INSERTDLGMODE" to allow the users to work the way they want in the INSERT command.

    Product and Feature: AutoCAD - Blocks

    Submitted By: pencilbox on 11/25/2022

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    For 30+ years I've enjoyed adapting to new AutoCAD Tools and updated commands. The new INSERT command using the Blocks Palette is a disaster though! First updated AutoCAD command that completely lacks the functionality of the original command. After adding a few blocks to it I had to wait a minute for those blocks to regen every time AutoCAD or a drawing opens. Never should have made it past the Beta version but we're stuck with it now. I'm for your "INSERTDLGMODE" system variable option to bring back the option of using the INSERT command that nobody ever complained about in all the years I've been using AutoCAD.
    Whoever it was at Autodesk that decided to ruin one of the oldest and most important commands AutoCAD has should be FIRED!!!

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