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Thread: AutoCAD Christmas Animations

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    Default AutoCAD Christmas Animations

    Many (many, many) years ago, someone posted, somewhere, an autoCAD dwg and an accompanying script (probably lisp) - that was essentially an animation. The script with drawing and erase, or move and copy, elements in the file, to make Samta and his reindeer land on a roof or something, and wish everyone a merry Christmass

    This was probably ACAD 2000, or maybe r14 - it was a long time ago

    Does anyone else remember that?
    And - does anyone happen to have a copy they can share

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    Default Re: AutoCAD Christmas Animations

    Google search for "xmascard autocad lsp"
    Original by Warren Trost written in 1998 I believe but his 2006 version is probably what you're looking for.

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