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Thread: Can't Solve Windows 10 Issue!

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    Default Can't Solve Windows 10 Issue!

    Hello friends. I'm posting for a need from you. Because, whenever my PC goes to sleep mode, it turned into a black screen. My friend told me to disable the hibernation feature, as well as sleep mode (). But I don't want to do that, because these features are necessary for me. Guys, what to do now?

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    Default Re: Can't Solve Windows 10 Issue!

    You will need to make a decision on which is more important to you. Either live with the black screen or disable the features that cause it. Until Microsoft fixes that bug, if it is a Windows bug and not caused by hardware manufactured by others, this issue will remain.
    If you have a technical question, please find the appropriate forum and ask it there.
    You will get a quicker response from your fellow AUGI members than if you sent it to me via a PM or email.

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