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Thread: change wall style and width changes

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    Default change wall style and width changes

    I have a wall style definition for existing walls, only 2 lines, set to base width, with all items on layer 0, color and line type by layer. I put the Exist Variable walls on a A-Wall-Existing layer. When I attempt to change a different style wall to this Exist Variable style because the building has been built, the overall width of the wall will change to some arbitrary width. What was a 3-5/8" metal stud wall with 5/8" gwb ea side (4-7/8" total width) will become whatever Autocad wants. When style changed to Exist Variable it could become a 12" wide wall. Could be 2-1/2" wide wall. Is there any way to maintain the overall width of the original style when changing it to another simpler style.

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    Default Re: change wall style and width changes

    Can you post a sample of walls with the 2 styles?
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