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Thread: Column "off grid" value on schedule, has choices?

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    Default Column "off grid" value on schedule, has choices?

    Hello AUGI!
    This is more of a discovery than a question.
    I just recently found that a column location in a schedule (that is on one grid but offset from another) had a choice to show on the schedule.

    I have a column ON grid 2 and offset 5'-11" from D.5, so you would assume show up as "D.5(5'-11")-2" on the schedule.
    Well it did not, it defaulted to an offset of 1'-9" from grid 1.9, showed up as "D.5(5'-11")-1.9(1'-9")" which blew my mind, I made sure it was ON grid 2.

    Then, while in the schedule, picking the column, I saw there was a pull-down option to pick the other one, so I did.
    I'm glad I could do that but don't understand why that would not pick the more obvious location being ON grid 2.

    I hope this helps someone else out there, and if anyone knows why it would behave like this let me know please.
    (Revit, Structure, 2019)

    Have a good one!
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