Hello AUGI community,

I'm facing an issue in Autodesk Revit when inserting windows/doors into walls. I noticed that the windows/doors are being placed on the finish layer of the wall instead of on the concrete layer, which is causing some problems in my project.

I have attached two images to better illustrate the issue. The first image (made in Photoshop) shows the ideal behavior, where the window is placed directly on the concrete layer of the wall. However, in the second image (taken from Revit), you can see that the window is being placed on the finish layer (stone).

I have tried to adjust the wall's layers and materials, but the window still behaves in the wrong way. Has anyone else encountered this issue or found a solution to it?

revit_wall_clousure_issue copy.jpg

I appreciate any advice or help that the community can offer. Thank you in advance for your support.