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Thread: BIM Collaboration and Workflow Options

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    Default BIM Collaboration and Workflow Options

    Ok... forgive me, but I've been working on one account and one project for a while, and it seems AutoDesk has rebranded all of their collaboration platforms like 5 times since I last pulled my head out of the sand. That project was on a full Collaborate Pro license and was all managed within Construction Cloud. I used the desktop connector to put in all our linked models (there were 2, and we managed access to our model via OUR ACC project.

    Now I'm at a new company, and we are working on a project that requires collaboration with other trades, and have been invited to the project via BIM360 Glue. It's my understanding that this would require me to download the arch/structural/whatever else I need models and link them in manually to then place my objects. Yes? This is my experience with Glue.

    Then what platform would I use to create a model that me and a guy in another office could simultaneously work on? Is that going to require a collaborate license again? BIM 360 seems to not do a THING anymore? I can't even create a project. When I go to the web access for BIM 360, the only project available to me is the one I was invited to by the GC, and I don't have the ADD PROJECT button. Is this something that needs to be permissible via my license?

    Explain it to me like I'm 12. Because every single Youtube tutorial has interfaces that look different that what mine looks like, and they seem to use DOCS and BIM360 interchangeably, all while using ACC to encompass all of it I think? The language is MIND BOGGLINGLY kludgy.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Also, that would be twenty-eight up there... not 2 + smiley-face emoji)... that was a lovely surprise.

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    Default Re: BIM Collaboration and Workflow Options

    The Autodesk Construction Cloud (ACC) is a suite of construction management tools. BIM 360 Glue is used for model coordination. To collaborate simultaneously on a model, use Autodesk Revit with a Collaborate Pro license. Access to BIM 360 projects and features depends on your license and permissions granted by the project administrator or company's Autodesk representative.

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