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Thread: Coordination Model Display requires per-pixel lighting

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    Default Coordination Model Display requires per-pixel lighting

    Referencing a Navisworks .nwd coordination model displays with a bounding box and message "Coordination Model display requires per-pixel lighting". Hardware Acceleration is on and all 3D Display Settings are selected. I also tried selecting the 3D Display Settings one at a time which didn't change display. Google search only tells me to turn on Hardware Acceleration and switch on Per-pixel lighting (Phong). Doesn't solve it. Also tried different .nwd files with same results.

    On the same workstation, Autocad 2021 references the Navisworks .nwd coordination model correctly. In Graphics Performance dialog, the only difference is, 2D Display Settings lists Advanced Mode, Intermediate Mode, Basic Mode. Neither has noticeable effect.

    For the same setting, Plant 3d lists, 3 times, Classic Mode. Neither has any effect.
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