i am having a room tag issue. im working in a bim 360 cloud model for our mep. arch model is fine, created my worksets, started with mechanical all went smooth. ducts, notes, room tags etc...
then copied the floor and changed it to my plumbing worksets, domestic, sanitary etc. all seemed to be fine as normal. but when i do room tags, they wont show up. i get this warning: "none of the created elements are visible in floor plan: first floor domestic view. you may want to check the active view, its parameters, and visibility settings, as well as any plan regions and their settings."
im not sure what the issues is, ive looked at both plans, and everyting is the same other thatn one is mech and one is plumbing. the view ranges are a little different as plumbing and mech are located in different heights etc.
please help me understand what is wrong