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    Summary: When closing the block editor, Autocad should stay in the .dwg currently being edited.

    Description: Currently, and for as long as Block editor has been a thing, when you close the block editor and save changes, the Interface with then "switch" to another open layout (If one is present) instead of the .dwg the block occurs in. Fix this please.

    Product and Feature: AutoCAD - Blocks

    Submitted By: rogeralanpeck on 06/02/2023

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    That's not standard behavior. I've never had it do that. I recommend opening a tech support case. Are you saying it switches to a different layout in the same dwg, or a different dwg? Either way, it doesn't do that for others. You can also post in the AutoCAD forum for others to assist you in solving this.
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    Sounds like you opened a drawing that contained authoring elements with the Block Editor, like Ed Jobe said that's not standard behavior.
    "[file name].dwg contains authoring elements. Open in Block Editor?" when opening a drawing in AutoCAD

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