So, apparently there's nothing ChatGTP can't do. It can write code. It can make blender geometry. It can be a convincing dungeon master or NPC. Nowadays, AI can even make convincing photos and change voices.

But, can it do CAD?

We've seen that Dynamo could iterate through design variations to find the one closest to spec. I wonder what it would take to have AI make a design autonomously from spec. Starting smaller: I wonder if AI could check floor plans based on specs and local building code, given enough training and input. Certainly it should be possible to train software to place floor plans on a sheet and document them.

This is more a "what if" scenario, but I can see it become reality in 20 years, maybe even faster. I wouldn't object if computers did the more tedious bits, even those things that commonly require human creativity, which isn't honestly all that creative once it's a unified process for a large part of the building industry. If a week's worth of work could be done by the computer in 2 hours and it only needed to be double checked and supervised, imagine how many hands that would free up for the actual construction site, or how much time these developments would free up for family time and self realization.

So, rather than a specific question, I'm really interested to see how other programmers feel about this topic and what challenges need to be overcome.