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Thread: Creating a standing seam roof

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    Default Creating a standing seam roof

    I'm trying to find the best method for creating a standing seam metal roof and I'm finding bits and pieces of information in web searches but not the whole package.
    I downloaded a metal standing seam roof family from and I have the family ready to use. But how do I use it?
    I opened the .rfa file and I'm finding omni class numbers that seem applicable although I'm not really sure what they do.
    How do I apply this to a roof and get the correct render appearance? And how do I edit, (or access), the render appearance library to make sure this renders correctly?
    Other portions of this roof are vegetated roofs so getting that to render correctly would be part 2 of this question. Using Revit 2024
    Thank You
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    Default Re: Creating a standing seam roof

    Hi, If it's just for rendering & presentation purpose not for detailing and documentation you can use the material editor?

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