Over the past couple of years I have been exploring (very) part time with Rhino.Inside Revit, which was not easy for me. I was completely new to Rhino and understanding how Grasshopper's algorithmic aided design approach proved to be a completely new way of thinking compared to what I was used to.

What are your favorite resources for for learning and working with Rhino.Inside Revit? Grasshopper? Rhino for architectural design? I see myself immersing in creating geometry with Rhino/ Grasshopper and then bringing it into Revit for construction documentation.

I'm finally starting to feel this workflow come to life and its exciting! Happy to have some geometric alternatives to what Revit can do out of the box, and I'm no match for Dynamo at the moment lol. I recently made a parametric flexible fiberglass mesh façade using an additional plug-in inside of Grasshopper (Kangaroo). The video of the parametric mesh façade being created is on YouTube, Check it out if you wish!