When we updated from 2017 to 2020 AutoCAD Architecture, we suddenly lost this specific functionality: Walls containing Annotative Hatches won't show these hatches when the wall is part of an XRef plan. I'm not sure why it would change suddenly - maybe a new System Variable? Some things I noted as I troubleshot:
  • Hatches appear fine in their own base drawing, but won't appear (at any scale) if I XRef in that base drawing
  • Annotative Hatches in Walls and AEC Polygons alike (probably other AEC objects too) all fail
  • Hatches do appear in the XRef as soon as I uncheck the Annotative option with the Wall Style
  • Annotative Hatches fail both when I assign them directly to the Wall Style, and when I try to bypass using a Material definition

Anyone got any ideas?