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Thread: Does this detail component exist?

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    Default Does this detail component exist?

    Fellow travelers - can you tell me if the Detail_Items_Coursing_Lines_in-Plan.rfa actually exists in the english imperial library? It has been referred to as being in the detail items/ annotations section. My Revit does not have an annotations section under detail items. Thanks for any help.

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    Default Re: Does this detail component exist?

    I've got 2024 installed and don't see that anywhere.

    BUT as I say that, I'm also not sure if I might have excluded libraries from my installation or not. I only work on existing buildings, so sometimes I don't bother.
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    Default Re: Does this detail component exist?

    I have 2023 installed, but it didn't come with all the library items installed (which is problem I need to fix), so I've been loading families from my 2019 library.
    And I don't see what you're looking for in the 2019 library, but possible it exists in the 2023 libraries which I didn't get all of.

    What exactly is this item, is it for masonry?

    Sorry I couldn't help

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