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Thread: Basic Cut and Fill Calculation

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    Question Basic Cut and Fill Calculation

    I am new to Autocad civil. I need to calculated the cut and fill for a budling pad using my contours. The building pad elevation (ff) is 2720 ft.
    I tried using grade tool with infill option, then create the volume surface comparing ff against EG. Anyways even it sounds simple and basic, but I could not make it (mostly got no overlap error message). I have attached the file (clean version with only counter and building pad info).Now I kindly need someone to help with this basic need.
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    Default Re: Basic Cut and Fill Calculation

    Your EG surface appears to have been moved once or twice. You can see this with on the Definition tab of the Surface Properties dialog. It lists two transforms. Either remove those two transforms and rebuild the surface or delete that surface and recreate it.

    You will still need to create your pad surface before you will be able to then create a volume surface.
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