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Thread: Window family with levels of detail

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    Default Window family with levels of detail

    I'm getting mixed opinions about using a window family with visibility for low to high level details. Some are of the opinion that a simple rectangular frame will suffice and when it comes to detailing, say at 1:5, override it with a detailed frame. What are your thoughts, thanks!

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    Default Re: Window family with levels of detail

    You'll probably get mixed opinions here too.

    I personally don't have time to chase multiple detail levels, so I would either model it with the actual profile (if you use a sweep, it can be a loadable/swapable profile) or just a rectangle and use a detail component at the larger scales.

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    Default Re: Window family with levels of detail

    Level of detail on the window family can be a great feature for the trade-off between refresh rate on updating the Revit view and the detail in some scales.

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