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Thread: LISP modification request - inverse

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    Default Re: LISP modification request - inverse

    Quote Originally Posted by SWarnock84 View Post
    It's not that it's reporting "incorrectly". It works, but only reports distances to 2 decimal places no matter what variables are changed. We were hoping to alter the code to report to 4 decimal places for when we do precision work.

    I didn't write the original code, and my knowledge is fairly limited - so I'm hoping someone more experienced can pick out why that may be happening.

    Thus far we have changed the precision values to 4, checked UNITS, LUPREC, and other drawing settings to no effect.
    You have seven instances of the RTOS function in this routine. Five of those instances have a decimal precision of less than your desired number of spaces of four. Changing those five instances on my end provided the results you requested in the original post of this thread.

    I would recommend setting the precision as a variable in this routine and then using that variable name in place of these five instances. This will ease precision changes in the future for those instances.
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    Default Re: LISP modification request - inverse

    Ouch - operator error. I guess I missed one somehow? You are correct Opie, and I apologize to all.

    Guess this reinforces why I'm not a coder!

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