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Thread: Assembly produces odd section results

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    Default Assembly produces odd section results

    We have an issue with an assembly and what it displays in the cross sections. Attached is a clip of the assembly. I added the white lines to depict the beginning and end of the subassemblies. Going from right to left, there is two lanes of paving, then depressed curb, then a concrete apron, concrete sidewalk and then pavement tie into an existing driveway. All seems to work correctly in the corridor. The corridor has multiple targets – EOP, sidewalk and tie back to existing all down with feature lines. The corridor line work is correct and has lines at the change of subassemblies. Contours look normal.
    The corridor is referenced into another dwg with cross sections. This corridor was added to the sections and all looks good except a section in the area of this assembly. Attached is a clip of the cross section. Notice in the section from right to left, the two lanes of pavement, then the depressed curb, then a concrete apron, concrete sidewalk and then pavement tie in that is split into two areas with almost the same slope?

    I redid everything I could think of. Erased the region of the corridor and reset it all up, replaced the feature line for the pavement tie to existing with a brand new one, removed that part of the assembly and redid that last part….each time I edited the corridor I updated the sections.. all looks good until I added the feature line in to match the grades needed and then the sections got the extra subassembly with the slightly varying slopes.
    Any help is a appreciated.

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    Default Re: Assembly produces odd section results

    We found this was due to crossing sections in the corridor. They crossed because we have a centerline of the ROW which is used for the sections but the physical centerline of the road is off the centerline of the ROW. The corridor is using the physical centerline as the baseline. We were able to fix this area by adjusting the frequencies in the corridor to not cross in that area.

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