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Thread: Omit from selection and loop questions

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    Default Omit from selection and loop questions

    A coworker asked me to write a program for him, but he ran into a problem later down the road and now I need to modify to the code.

    I have this:
      (SETQ |ss1| (SSGET))
      (SETVAR "qaflags" 1)
      (COMMAND "explode" |ss1| "")
      (SETVAR "qaflags" 0)
    It runs fine with the rest of the code. But it turns out he now wants it to filter out WIPEOUTs and loop the explode command until there is nothing left to explode.

    Can someone point me in a right direction?

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    Default Re: Omit from selection and loop questions

    To exclude wipeouts from the selection change (SSGET) to (ssget '((0 . "~WIPEOUT")))

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