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Thread: Adding an element to a sublist

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    Default Adding an element to a sublist

    I have come across a Dynamo script to pull in government data (US) into Civil 3D. A few of the URLs are outdated. I'm not looking to fix those at the moment, but it would be nice to update if anyone has that information.

    Anyway, I have made some changes to that script to pull in Contours Lines - Large Scale data from the National Map service. The service separates the contour paths from the elevations. The contour paths are provided as x and y coordinates. The elevation should represent the z coordinate.


    I am able to get the paths in one list, and the contour elevations in a separate list. The issue is for each unique elevation there may be multiple paths.

    How can the elevation be added to each vertex (x and y coordinate) in each path?
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