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Thread: -blockreplace command line/LISP help

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    Default -blockreplace command line/LISP help


    Trying to work with using the -blockreplace command in a LISP.

    I am having trouble forming the command. Can anyone help get me started in the right direction?

    Many thanks.

    Here is what I am trying to execute, but I can't quite get the syntax right to where it will execute from the command line.

    (command "-BLOCKREPLACE" "ANALOG_PT_BLK" _Point Block FD "y" "")

    Overall I have a pretty simple task to accomplish.

    I want to run a LISP that will look for a block and replace it with another block. The block names never change.

    Here is an example of a LISP I was trying to work with.

    (defun c:ReplaceBlocks ()
    (setq fromBlock "ANALOG_PT_BLK") ; Specify the source block name
    (setq toBlock "_Point Block FD") ; Specify the target block name

    (if (tblsearch "block" fromBlock)
    (command "-BLOCKREPLACE" fromBlock toBlock "y" "")
    (princ (strcat "\nBlock replacement complete."))
    (princ (strcat "\nBlock '" fromBlock "' not found."))


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    Default Re: -blockreplace command line/LISP help

    I just posted a lisp that can replace blocks by several methods. It has several command in it.
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    Default Re: -blockreplace command line/LISP help

    (command "-BLOCKREPLACE" "ANALOG_PT_BLK" "_Point Block FD" "y" "")

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