Our supervisor is incapacitated and can only use one hand. He's looking to readjust to Revit using only his left hand, which presents some challenges about which I started an earlier topic. I'm providing this context because I wanted to ask a few specific API questions.
One of the tips I could give him was to use the QAT, unfortunately it's quite narrow and gets a little cumbersome to use when you're adding 20 commands, unless I'm missing something. Is anyone aware of an addin (free or paid) that lists the most frequently used commands in a dockable window? Is it feasible at all to make a similar addin, if so, which methods and classes warrant a deep dive? I can imagine that I'd need to update a log at every change event, and then display the command sorted by frequency. Of course my first question would be if the Change event allows access (direct or indirect) to the icon associated with the command, and if it logs and lists in a way that allows replication. Could be that the logging lives as an application Macro, and the window as an addin, where the log is a shared XML resource.

I would be very appreciative for any helpful thoughts on this subject, thanks in advance.