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Thread: Structure Styles

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    Default Structure Styles

    In my structure style on the Plan tab I am using a company block in the user defined part. In the Size Options I am using "Use fixed scale from part size".

    Is there a format/scale the original block should be drawn in to make the structure style conform to the actual part size dimensions?

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    Default Re: Structure Styles

    Yes. Draw the block 1:1 to how the structure should be built. Need a different sized structure, draw a new block. If this process isn't how you want to handle it, figure out how to generalize the block to reused it for differently sized structures.
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    Default Re: Structure Styles

    As those of us in the US generally use units of feet for Surveying, Civil & Map 3D drawings and inches for Architectural drawings how those parts were drawn affects makes a big difference.
    Are you having an issue with one coming in to big or too small?
    If you've added a new one but already have another Architectural block that inserts correctly make sure it's drawn at the same scale as the other blocks and inserts with all the same settings.

    Retired now but all the blocks we had were drawn in feet. For Typical drawings I added scaled Architectural Dimension Styles to label them as if they were drawn in inches.
    Other objects like monumentation I scaled to display the same plotted size no matter the viewport scale.
    Cannot give any more detail as I no longer have a license to open Civil 3D.

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