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Thread: Adding Annotation Symbol to Family 'Front' View

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    Default Adding Annotation Symbol to Family 'Front' View


    I am trying to find out how to insert an annotation family to the 'Front' view while in my family edit mode. I can successfully do this in Ref-Plan floor plan view, but not the 'Front' view. My goal would be to place a symbol I need to show for this view, is this possible? If so is there an easy way to create a symbol which can be placed in any view of the family edit mode? Or is required that annotation symbols can only be inserted in the Floor Plan-ref level view?

    Fyi, screenshot attached shows me trying to add a basic annotation symbol (receptacle) to the 'Front' view of my family in edit mode, but this action was blocked/error msg.

    Thanks in advance for any input!

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    Default Re: Adding Annotation Symbol to Family 'Front' View

    i have created floor/ceiling face based versions of my wall face based families. adjust your parameters for the physical size of the device or backbox, think of it as placing the face on the flat level, so your annotation symbol will be in the ref-plane view of your symbol. you'll probably want to create different annotation symbols, if they're not already, because you'll want the anno symbol centered, as opposed to locked to the face of the wall.

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