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Thread: Paste Surface is merging data of one surface with the other, not replacing

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    Default Paste Surface is merging data of one surface with the other, not replacing

    Not sure what the best way is to approach this work flow. I have a surface from Survey Data. I want to take a portion from the middle of the surface and lower it one foot, take another portion of the surface and raise it by a foot. (Basically moving a foot of dirt from a high area and pushing it to a low area).

    To do this I was thinking I could do the follow:
    1) Create a copy of the surface, call this surface CUT, lower it one foot. Create a boundary around my cut area.
    2) Create another copy of the existing surface, call this surface FILL, raise it one foot. Create a boundary around my cut area.
    3) Paste the Cut surface onto the Existing Surface
    4) Paste the Fill surface onto the Existing Surface

    The problem is the Pasting Surface command does not REPLACE data, it just add supplemental data to the Existing Surface, creating an area that is kind of bouncing up and down by a foot.

    I thought I would have to clip two holes into the Existing Surface, so that the pasted data is the only data in that surface, but I'm not sure of the best way to do that? Or is there another work flow that would be better for this case?


    **UPDATE** I'm an idiot. I was using the PASTE SURFACE command incorrectly. If you want to paste surface B onto surface A, then the Correct method is to select Surface A, hit the PASTE SURFACE command, then select Surface B. I was certain it was the other way around and banging my head on a wall. Will leave this up for prosperity.
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