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Thread: Drawings are super slow with xref's

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    Default Re: Drawings are super slow with xref's

    Try setting "XLOADTCTL" to "0". This setting should be changed for any and all users working with the files.

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    Default Re: Drawings are super slow with xref's

    I disagree with the author of the blog post you linked to, which doesn't show due to your low post count. But XLOADCTL = 0 turns off demand loading, which is specifically designed to speed up the use of xrefs. Note this quote from the previous linked topic:
    The program uses demand loading and saving drawings with internal indexes to increase performance with large referenced drawings that have been clipped, or that have many objects on frozen layers. With demand loading, only the data from the reference drawing that is necessary to regenerate the current drawing is loaded into memory. In other words, referenced data is read in “on demand.”
    In other words, with demand loading off (XLOADCTL=0), everything in the xref will be loaded into memory, whether it is used visually or not. Due to this, the fastest response times will be when you have XLOADCTL=2, which is why it's the default setting.
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