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    Summary: Hatch Style dialog menu

    Description: Add a Hatch Style dialog menu to preset and set hatches properties and scale.

    AutoCAD has already a "Text Style", "Dimension Style", "Multileader Style" and "Table Style"... why not have a "Hatch Style"?

    Product and Feature: AutoCAD - Hatch

    Submitted By: tifoluc on 05/22/2024

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    That makes sense, but you should still be able to add to a Tool Palette for drag & drop, Blocks and/or LISP to accomplish this in the interim.

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    Selecting hatches displays their properties and scale in the ribbon so you can modify them as easily as modifying selected Mtext.

    Creating hatch patterns are a lot more complicated than adding a "Text Style", "Dimension Style", "Multileader Style" or "Table Style" so I don't expect to see a Hatch Style dialog menu for creating them but who knows.

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