hi all,

I have a strange issue which never ever happened to me before, neither anyone else within my office.

A little background of our office Revit setup:
Our project usually will spilt into at least 2 models - site model and building model (s).
Site model usually contains only the survey information of the existing site establishment and other site elements such as imported CAD file from surveyor, road markings, carparks, trees, and utilities etc.
Building model is where we do all the design work as well as detail drawings etc.

This project I am working on contains few stages so it has more than one building model so we made a combined model which contains all the Revit Links. Lets call this Complex Model.

Now my Complex Revit is acting strange.

when I'm trying to adjust visibility settings in the Complex Model of the Site model for its Imported Category:
( I was going to only keep one layer of a imported CAD in the site model - the orange power cable)

But it also changes my building model setting visuals to become semi- wireframe. I can see tables/chairs inside from a street elevation - which all wall material and colour still remain on the elevation.
would be good to resolve this if anyone can help out