I searched and did not find an answer, so hopefully I have something new here.

We are about to deploy LDT2007. I've set up the following CUI tree:

Custom.cui (main, client load)
Land.cui (enterprise, server load)
-lai (company)

OK, so here is the problem. I turn off a toolbar in LDT, Land Desktop workspace and then change the workspace to from Land Desktop to another workspace and back to Land Desktop and BOOM! the toolbar comes back, in a predefined location. I know this is because the toolbar is defined as being turned on and in said location in the Land.cui file. I'm thinking that if I turned off all the toolbars in the Land.cui file, I would have the opposite problem.

Workspaces are automatically saving, UI is unlocked.

Here is what I was aiming for with this particular CUI setup: I want a standardized location for all CUIs on the network, but still allow the client machines to do some customization, but to have that customization on there computer. I want the users to be able to turn on and turn off there toolbars and place them where they want (I'm not that much of a control freak). However, the one thing I don't want them to be able to do is to edit the predefined toolbars. If they want special toolbars, they have to be totally custom.

Any thoughts?