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Thread: Notes on the philosophy of CUI

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    Default Re: Notes on the philosophy of CUI

    OK, this CUI with contextual tab states is starting to drive me nuts.

    I have a Main (Custom.cuix)

    And an enterprise (ACA.cuix, acad.cuix, acetmain.cuix)

    In the Main I have added only a few custom toolbars. Nothing else. It is blank.

    The problem I have is during Text editing, I get two or three text editor tabs. Then after the command is done, my ribbon remains "greyed out". I cannot use it and I have to restart AutoCAD.

    There is a workaround at wherein you drag the proper tabs into the contextual states. However, I don't have any tabs in my Main CUI to drag. See attached screenshot of my main CUI contextual states.

    I'm thinking my only option is to toss the idea of an enterprise CUI out the window and give up on company wide toolbars.

    Maybe I've corrupted all my CUI files by screwing around with them so much.

    Am I doing something wrong here? How do I get rid of the multiple contextual tabs?
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