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    I find that I use some dialog boxes a lot. The default AutoCAD settings are not the ones I want to use. It would be nice to have a check box to retain the settings I utilize (like the plot dialog box has). I waste a lot of time changing these settings. For example, in the Hatch dialog I found a way to set solid, as the default pattern, each time I log on. This can probably be done for all dialog boxes, but a check box would be more convenient.

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    I agree that it would be nice for more defaults to be set in the appropriate dialog box. It would save some time hunting down the appropriate variable names (and would be easier for novice user). At the least, some kind of tooltip that says what the corresponding variable is.

    I set HPDRAWORDER to 1 in my acaddoc.lsp (it's not saved). In the case of that variable, I think it should be saved in the registry. [Especially since the "Create separate hatches" checkbox is saved between sessions.]
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