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Thread: Communication Center Error

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    Question Communication Center Error

    Whenever I open my communication center it takes a second and tries to connect then comes back with a little message that says "Patchlist Download Error" that message is linked to a longer message that reads..........

    Patchlist Download Error
    The Live Update patch list is unreadable.

    Please restart your application, launch the Communication Center again and click the Refresh Content button. This will download the patch list again.

    If your Network Administrator has directed Live Update to a local server, that patch list may be incorrectly formatted.

    I do this and nothing happens. What might be occurring here?

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    Default Re: Communication Center Error

    Not sure what the problem is, but I know you're not the only one.
    I've seen about 50 posts on this topic, haven't seen the solution yet.
    Check the knowledge based search engine on Adesks website.
    There are also serval posts here on AUGI.
    Do a search for communication center and a bunch will pop up.

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