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    Default Slooooooooow Plots

    Using Project Navigator to enable auto-numbering for details and sections, I have created section and detail sheets. Using the NCS guidelines, I can get up to 30 details on a sheet. This means up to 30 viewports, if I am to take advantage of the auto-numbering feature for the details. All that works great....

    UNTIL.... I go to plot. For a 30"x42" sheet with 30 details, the plotting process takes up to 5 minutes, while plotting drawings in the same project with only one viewport is less than 2 seconds.

    Is this a common occurrence, or is there something wrong here?

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    Default Re: Slooooooooow Plots

    Check out this thread. Different version of software, but viewports are essentially an AutoCAD function.
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    Default Re: Slooooooooow Plots

    Are you plotting directly to the plotter or are you going thru a print server?

    We had a similar problem with an HP plotter on our network. Believe it or not, simply defragging the defragging the server resolved our problem

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