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Thread: ADT 2006 Training

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    Default ADT 2006 Training

    Does anyone have any suggestions for training options for ADT 2006 with an emphasis on strutural?


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    Default Re: ADT 2006 Training

    All the changes to the Blocks like the Dynamic Blocks, There is so many things that you can do with the Dynamic Blocks. AutoCAD also has the wood blocks to toggle from 2x4 to 2x8 and so on. There is also the steel shape that is now available. Where a lot of firms were buying outside add In's to be able to do this.

    Also the ability to set a block so that it can't be exploded. If you are a structural guy and share plans with other disciplines sometimes your columns and such get exploded so that other items will fit better. As you know this will not work in the real world. Another add is the preview of blocks in the insert command. There is so many items that have helped with this new release.

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    Default Re: ADT 2006 Training

    I have read the book on ADT (prior release) from Paul Abin and found it to be a great program. However, when considering to upgrade I was told to go to Revit so I have not used ADT at all. I would agree though with the dynamic block input from above. I used to use MDT and I had a part library that was table driven per needs with holes, cut-outs, etc because I was doing one of a kind structural modeling and it was easy to manipulate.

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