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Thread: Can't access content on network using standalone

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    Is there a way to path to your content on a standalone set of licenses (4 of them) on a network?

    We have installed four standalones on a network and want to access the content from one place. When we try to path to the new location we get error messages, needs subfolders and templates?

    Anyone have any ideas what we need to do?

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    Default Re: Can't access content on network using standalone

    Put your folders in a central location...make a note of the structure Revit uses when installed. Mimic that organization on the server, at least the "top" end folders.

    On one PC, via menu SETTINGS > OPTIONS > tabs FILE LOCATIONS & RENDERING revise/browse each entry so you redirect Revit to your new locations.

    Then copy the Revit.ini file from the PC you just configured and replace the Revit.ini on your other PC's. You've just "mapped" all your pc's to the same location.

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