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Thread: Problems with selecting objects eg. Only able to select 1 object at a time.

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    Default Problems with selecting objects eg. Only able to select 1 object at a time.

    Only able to select 1 object at a time - the most likely reason for this behaviour is the current setting of system variable PickAdd.

    Below is taken directly from the AutoCAD Online Help File [F1] -

    Type: Integer
    Saved in: Registry
    Initial value: 1

    Controls whether subsequent selections replace the current selection set or add to it.

    0 Turns off PICKADD. The objects most recently selected become the selection set. Previously selected objects are removed from the selection set. Add more objects to the selection set by pressing SHIFT while selecting.

    1 Turns on PICKADD. Each object selected, either individually or by windowing, is added to the current selection set. To remove objects from the set, press SHIFT while selecting.

    Autodesk Knowledge Base:

    ID: TS22407 - Objects removed from selection set when new object selected

    ID: TS22435 - Object selection modes explained

    ID: TS31472 - Object selection modes

    ID: TP5567612 - Having trouble selecting objects?

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