the following is from a customer of us, please let me know if this is where suggestions are input.
I have a suggestion on the piping module of AIP10. It's a way to make it user friendly and streamlined in its functionality. The best way I can figure communicating this is by explaining it. So, here goes:

1. Make a 3d line/route
2. populate the route with standard pipe and fittings based on specified style and size.
3. drag and drop fitting types onto the line, and they automatically size to the line, unless specified.
4. If specified larger, then the system automatically offers options for transition, and puts them there based on the user's choice.
5. additions and changes to route implemented by allowing pick point along route and also selection of fitting type. size would default to pipe size at pick point, but would offer option to adjust.

Reason why I'm suggesting this is b/c the piping module is not a whole lot more than an automatic method of keeping track of constraints and routing pipe. However, there are many limits to what can be done with this automatic system of piping, as it exists presently."