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Thread: crosshairs disappear in layout view

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    Default crosshairs disappear in layout view

    Our crosshairs have disappeared from the layout view, but are still present in the model view. We go into Options - Drafting and nothing shows up in the aperature size box. Does anyone have any ideas on how this frustrating situation can be resolved?

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    Default Re: crosshairs disappear in layout view

    Please note I have moved this from the Tips and Tricks forum to this forum as I believe it is better served here.


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    Default Re: crosshairs disappear in layout view


    Does the following thread help...

    Crosshairs do not display in Modelspace


    ID: TS36154 - Crosshairs disappear when SNAP is on

    ID: TS65585 - The crosshairs is not visible after switching to paper space

    Have a good one, Mike

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    Default Re: crosshairs disappear in layout view

    Maybe also releated to this problem, mine disappear randomly. Below is AutoDesk's support answer:

    "Hello XXX,

    Thank you for choosing Autodesk Support.

    I understand your crosshairs disappear from time to time in AutoCAD 2012.

    We are aware of this issue. Sometimes you can get them back by switching tabs, going to modelspace then back to paperspace (or vice-versa), or closing then opening the current drawing file.

    The problem is the utter randomness of the behavior. If we can't reliably reproduce the behavior, we can't fix it. If you have steps to do so, we'd love to have them.

    I will go ahead and close this case and associate it with the open defect we have in place for this issue. If a fix is determined, you will be notified. Our apologies for any inconvenience.

    Please let me know if I can assist in any other way.

    Best regards,

    Tim Beckler
    Autodesk Support Team"

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