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Thread: Old REVIT file in new REVIT Template

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    Default Old REVIT file in new REVIT Template

    My company just made this REVIT template and I have this REVIT file that I want to merge in this new file made from the template. I tried File-->Import and choose not to link the REVIT file...for some reason it still links it...any clue why ?


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    Default Re: Old REVIT file in new REVIT Template

    It is not clear what you wanted to achieve but I suspect you may want to check out File > Transfer Project Standards...

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    Default Re: Old REVIT file in new REVIT Template

    I got into this problem a few weeks ago as well. You spend time configuring your template for your company, then an upgrade comes along... what do you do to easily transfer all your stuff to the new template? I used my old template on the new upgrade on one project and got things all screwed up.

    So is it just a matter of using the Transfer Project Standards to do it?

    Thanks and have a great day.....

    Tom Weir
    Los Angeles

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    Default Re: Old REVIT file in new REVIT Template

    Hey there,

    I usually just transfered project settings back to my template after I make changes in a project and want to update my template file. Usually, by selecting "none" and then individually selecting the items that I know I modified, like a certain line style or object setting etc.

    However, I have also had to take old projects and modify them. I always like udating these old files to my current template settings. (Especially from earlier release versions.) This is where I get a little blonde. I have transfered project settings, and, I have also simply opened a new project using my template and then copied/pasted the entire project in from an isometric view. I do get everything updated, sometimes, but it is not consistant. Sometimes certain things do not update, or I get the message that certain things were not able to be copied etc. Certain things can not be copied, but they are in the directory of items to be transfered when using 'transfer project settings' like, Keyed Schedules for instance.

    So, what is the best way to take an old project and udate it to your current template settings?

    Thanks in advance

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