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Thread: Wood Flooring in Revit???

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    Default Re: Wood Flooring in Revit???

    500x500, thats really on the small side, but what is your image size in dimensions? that relative to pixels will determine what your dpi setting should be. So if you have an image that 500x500 at 75dpi, you can kick that up to 300 and have 1500x1500 should be no problem and and your swirlies will dissappear, or atleast fade out. So what you want to do is increase dpi without increasing image size, and that will get you cleaner shots. But ou always haveto think about your output, I mean it makes no since to a 300 dpi image on a 150 dpi printer, you will loose half your quality, but you will still get a cleaner shot so you can print a larger image, so you sale your 300dpi up to a 150dpi by printing it at 200% zoom.

    500x500 that's a walkthrough size, I mean if your setting is on 300dpi anyway you're then talking about in image that's 1 1/2 inches by 1 1/2 inches, super tiny(@150dpi, then 3 inches by 3 inches, 75dpi=6"x6"- simple math, but understanding its relations to output-printing- is important.)! even for a powerpoint presentation I would do something in the 600-800 range, 1200-2400 for printed material) No kick that up to a 1200 x 1200 at 300 dpi now you have an image thats 4 inches by four inches(@150 dpi you have an 8x8 ). It will print nice on an 11x17 with most color printers. I use the 150 dpi for 80% of my prodution work, 300 for critical shots, so if you want better quality, increase your mage size in inches, not DPI, and have a larger image.

    Now you can error the other way like the guy who renders thing at 600dpi, then prints it at 100% on a 150 or 300dpi printer, then you are loosing all that exta data anyway, that's clearly a waste in the other direction. So again it is important to know what DPI you pinter is capable of and seeing the relationship between image size in real dimensions, pixel size and the dpi, and using what is sufficent for you printer.

    Quote Originally Posted by truevis
    That's good to know. I've been using around 500x500px jpgs lately. Is that about right?
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    Default Re: Wood Flooring in Revit???

    another discussion with other points to considerHERE also search "moire" to see a few more points.

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