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Thread: 8.1/E - Shared coordinates and topo point entry - O

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    Default 8.1/E - Shared coordinates and topo point entry - O

    On those rare occasions where you have to build up a topo manually, some of you may have noted the following.

    If the Z value of Revit's shared coordinates is the same as the project Z value, there is no problem.

    But if you're using shared coords with a Z offset from the project coords, then you get this problem: let's say you've left your main floor elevation at Z=0 for the project elevation, but to relate to the real-world elevation of the project, the shared coords Z value for your main floor is really 623.15m.

    The survey drawing (also in meters) you've got is flat -- no 3D points or plines. So you think, I'll just enter the point data in manually: they're right there on the survey which you've imported into your site plan. So you switch the project units to meters and start entering in the points in the toposurface command, but you realise right away that the points are coming in too high.

    You bet they are: 623.15m too high. Topo points in Revit work only with project coordinates, not shared coordinates. So you either have to subtract the base elevation of your project from each COGO point in the site plan (yuck), or wait til you're done and move the topo down 623.15m

    And when you're editing the grading you'll have to knock 623.15m off the Z values of the points you add or edit.

    Fortunately the spot dimension tool allows you to report in shared or project coords, so that's cool.

    I said all that to say this: I would like the option, when editing or adding points, of choosing project coords or shared coords.

    All those who understand this horrible post and need this feature say AYE!.

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    Default Re: 8.1/E - Shared coordinates and topo point entry - O

    We've run into something similar. We built our topo similar to the way you describe. Now when we want to modify the location of a point, it always defaults back to elevation 0. Then we have to manually enter the point elevation again. It is very annoying.

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    Default Re: 8.1/E - Shared coordinates and topo point entry - O

    Quote Originally Posted by Wes Macaulay
    All those who understand this horrible post and need this feature say AYE!.
    OH man is that annoying!! AYE!

    I get so confused when I’m adding topo points at 42' around my building yet I’m tracing a 105' contour line.

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