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    I'm having a problem with my walls and lines snapping to 45 and 135 degree angles. Is there a setting somewhere to make it only snap to those angles. I went to the settings pull down menu and changed it but my lines and walls will still lock in at really add increments, like 134.567.

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    Try removing the smaller angles in the snaps settings. see attached picture.

    Also, revit often tries to align to other endpoints axis in the model. sometimes it's easiest for me to draw the wall extra long, so that other alignment snaps stop picking up, then set the angle and trim. Of course you can always type over the angle dimensions that appears on the wall as you draw as well.
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    New walls will also try to snap parallel to other walls that are already drawn. One of the walls that you drew earlier may be at the 134.567 angle. The new walls might be trying to snap parallel to that. You might have to go back and check the other walls in the project in order to find out if one of them was drawn using the odd angle.

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