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Thread: Append to sdr file?

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    Default Append to sdr file?

    Is there any way to download a working sdr file, add new points to it and then reload it onto the data collector? I am using Carlson Connect with a Sokkia SDR 33 data collector. This would be a tremendous help. I currently have to load a new job or key the points in manually. We do have Autodesk Survey in the office also, but not at my workstation.

    John Barrus

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    Default Re: Append to sdr file?

    I've never tried to append an existing file on an data collector. If I download a survey and add points in the drawing I create a point file and upload the point data into the data collector. I create an Autodesk up-loadable file .auf. The format of the file needs to be PNEZD and comma separated.

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    Default Re: Append to sdr file?

    I use HJ SdrCodeFbk. The first module of this program convert SDR file to FBK witch parsing code and the second module convert AUF file to SDR.

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