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    I'm trying to create a table/chart for a parts list that will be inserted on every drawing. It will have several columns i.e. part #, Description, Qty, Material...It will be manually filled in line by line, but I need a "drop down" menu or something similar, to choose from a list of available materials when I get to the "Material" field. Is there a way to do this from a text file? Any help would be very appreciated...

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    By using LISP or VBA or... you can read values in from a Text file.

    I am pretty sure a search within the forums will turn up information on this very subject -

    Search Forums

    Have a good one, Mike

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    I find a tab delimited text file is the easiest to use. Easy to read using lisp even with the tabs and its easy to go to and from excel. You can read any column/row using read line and nth etc.


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