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Thread: Gap Tolerance in Hatch Dialog

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    Default Gap Tolerance in Hatch Dialog

    This wish was Rejected on October 5, 2005

    Summary: The ability to set the gap tolerance while using the Hatch Dialog to create hatches

    Description: I would like the Gap Tolerance to be an option in the Hatch Dialogue box.

    How Used: Currently you need to use hpgaptol to change your hatch gap tolerance if objects don't quite meet. It would be nice if there was one more input in the Hatch Dialogue box to allow us to input a setting other than the drawing default.

    Feature Affinity: Hatch

    Submitted By: Brian Myers on October 5, 2005

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    Default Re: Gap Tolerance in Hatch Dialog

    I thought you could already do this in the current version. Do you have two or three columns of options in your hatch dialog box? If you only have two, you would need to expand the dialog box using the ">" button on the bottom right.
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    Default Re: Gap Tolerance in Hatch Dialog


    Yes you can... honestly never noticed it before....

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