I have some AutoCAD files that uses OLE objects originally created from a Microsoft word document using windows XP office. All looked and plotted fine;
I recently got a new computer that uses the windows 2003 office. Know when I open the cad files that contain the OLE objects (word documents), the OLE images are cropped off on the right side. I can open the word document within AutoCAD by double clicking and the word document looks fine, same page setup as originally created, then when I close word to go back to the cad file, the OLE is still cropped on the right side. The OLE object is the same size as originally created, it's just the image is shown wider than before.
Know, when I go back and open the same file on my computer with the XP office, all looks and plots fine.

Are there any known bugs between word for XP office and word for office 2003 that would affect the OLE objects in AutoCAD?
Any help is greatly appreciated.