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Thread: Slabs, Roof Slabs and Structural Components

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    Exclamation Slabs, Roof Slabs and Structural Components

    I found this in the

    Posted by: D. Kuhn
    Date: Oct/11/05 - 11:08 (MDT) NEW!
    Please for the next release (ADT 2007) buy out VisionREZ and implement all
    of their stuff into ADT. I have been amazed at how VisionREZ is able to
    make a smart, easy to use and COMPLETE roof system while autodesk--who
    created the program--either cannot or will not. Can anyone answer how or
    why a third party developer was able to come up with a far superior Roof
    Object then the very creators of the program? If you can't do it all in one
    release at least start with wood rafter residential roofs--anything would be
    better then what we now have.

    Roofs need to be able to have multiple plate heights, contain multiple
    components (i.e. sheathing, decking, etc...) and instead of using a flat 2d
    hatch to represent standing seam metal roofing how about a "style" that
    actually shows the metal ribs "standing" in elevation view? roofs need to
    fillet and cleanup with each other without having to resort to trims,
    miters, and extends.

    Slabs need to be able to be really used as monolithic foundations with grade
    beams (internal and external) that can be snapped into place and configured
    (like a clomn grid object) without having to resort to making mass objects
    and then boolean subtracting them from the slab object. Slabs need to have
    multiple components like walls.

    A COMPLETE Structural system needs to be available. Where are steel Girts,
    Purlins, etc....? NO MORE TRIM PLANES!!!!!!!! Structural objects should
    fillet, trim, chamfer, etc.... like walls do.

    I would love it if the ADT team would work on and totally COMPLETE just
    one--I really mean just ONE--type of building object per release. What I
    mean is this: In ADT 2007 just totally complete the Roof Objects--nothing
    else--just roofs. This would give the team an entire year to study, test,
    research, get advice from Architecs, engineers, manufacturers on the various
    roof types and systems being used. Metal roof systems like Berridge, MBCI
    could be consulted and integrated into the Roof Object System. "Flat" roof
    decks that have multiple slopes to roof drains would be added. Residential
    style roofs with closed cornices, plancher cuts, soffits, gutters would all
    be easy to use, intuitive and ready to "go."

    We are now (with ADT 2006) on the 8th official release of ADT. Each release
    addresses just a little of the needs of all the various "Objects" (i.e.
    Walls, Doors, Windows, Slabs, Roofs, Railings, Structures, etc....) The
    carrot is always dangling for the "next release" to solve a problem or
    enhance an Object Style. While I know that the following is an AutoCAD
    thing I just don't get it that Autodesk pays someone to change the color or
    image or position of an icon for a toolbar. Why would you waste your time
    doing that? A simple example is the "Match Properties" toolbar icon that
    changed from a wide "paint brush" to an "Xacto-Looking-thing." Why? We all
    learned what the icon stood for and then it changes. Why did the AutoCAD
    icon have to change from Red to Blue? No big deal but somebody had to do
    it. Why not fire that person and just leave stupid little things like icons
    alone and put the money you paid them into making the program what it can be
    and what it should be befoer we all die of old age?

    I think we -- the end users -- are going to have to face it: ADT, Revit or
    whatever program replaces them will never be a complete fully functional
    program that Architects, Engineers and other design professional can use as
    a "tool" to create drawings from which real buildings are built. The reason
    is simple: Any software company that does that will be out-of-business
    because no one will need to upgrade every 12 months. Of course a really
    creative group of people could create a software that really is complete and
    then they could sell add-on modules that consist of libraries of Object
    Styles for various manufacturers like U.S. Aluminum "Storefronts". You
    could make a deal with the manufacturer to have their product available as
    an add-on module for your Architectural Software and end users who need it
    could buy it. You could always update your program for new Hardware and OS
    releases. To borrow from the song "what a wonderful world it would be."


    Thank you,

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