I am hoping that somebody could help me. I need to make Autocad's "Revcloud" command work a little more intuitively by placing the cloud on the correct layer.

I would like the routine to work something like this:

1. Initiate routine which sets current layer to G-ANNO-REVC-?? (The ?? needs to be a prompt for the user to input a number, this number is then placed into the standard layer name in place of the ??).

2. Once the current layer has been set, the revcloud command is initiated.

3. Once the Revcloud is completed, I need insert the Delta by setting the current layer to G-ANNO-REVS-?? (The ?? would be the same number as in 1.)

4. Now insert the Delta (a block of a triangle with an attribute inside of it) the attribute would also need to be the same number as ?? in 1 & 3 (or if necessary it could be prompted to the user again). The Delta block would also have an invisible attribute which prompts the user for a description.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, even if it is just with the first point, that is what I am having the greatest difficulty with.