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Thread: mirroring text attribute in dyn. block

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    Default mirroring text attribute in dyn. block

    I have a dynamic block with some text attributes that are right justified with a flip action set on them. i have the system variable MIRRTEXT set to 0.
    If I type text in and then use the flip command then it works fine and the text is now left justified and aligned correctly. however, If I flip it and then type the text in the attribute field, the text gets out of alignment and the only way to fix it is to do a bedit and click some stuff without changing it, and then save it.
    why can't I get my text to align correctly after flipping my dynamic block?

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    Default Re: mirroring text attribute in dyn. block

    I was told that something in the mirror or flip command cant calculate the width or length of the text string, once you add additional information to the piece of text. I totally feel you pain. The solution I was told, was to have the exact amount of characters in the string and only have those many. It was a very bad solution. So, as far as I know there is nothing you can really do to have it adjusted prefect. If you don't like entering the Block editor each time. Maybe hook up a move/point parameter on the string to move it back once it gets out of whack. Sorry none of these are great fixes.

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